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    Shirer Burkett

    Design Director / Principal

    About Shirer Burkett

    With a background in theater arts, experience in film production, event planning and production, a flair for fashion (however eclectic), and a high threshold for BS (having worked in the service industry), Shirer Burkett is a 15 year veteran in advertising and marketing. She has traveled extensively and recently returned to the USA after a 9 year stint in London, England where she worked as a Creative Consultant in advertising, and as the Creative Director to the largest commercial radio group in the UK.  A conceptual genius (who’s writing this?) with a sharp and creative mind, Shirer lived and worked in New York City for 10 years prior – where she met some amazing people, had some awesome experiences, and eventually settled into a semi-respectable media centric career path.  Holistic brand engagement experiences, creative idea generation, considered design and individually crafted innovative solutions are what she’s about. She’d like to claim this focus has just come naturally (unfortunately this can be attributed to long hours of hard work, practical application, and of course research).

    Stuff you never knew you wanted to know

    • Shirer became SAG eligible while working on the 1997 film production of Lolita where she photo doubled for the lead actress Dominique Swain
    • The Coyote Ugly in Manhattan’s East Village will always hold a special place in Shirer’s heart, as she bartended there while attending design courses at Pratt University
    • Shirer was a Theater Major at The University of Mississippi (Hotty Toddy Gosh Almighty)
    • The Easter Bunny always brings Shirer a “Toblerone” bar…
    • Saudi Arabia is one of the many countries Shirer has been lucky enough to visit

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Featured Brands

Shirer Burkett has had the great pleasure of working on some snazzy campaigns and rockin’ projects over the years, with some down-right amazing and talented people. SO MANY projects are the sum of their parts, so thanks ya’ll: Yvonne Clancy, Kalie Kimball Malone, Sacha Barna, Gareth Senior, Joe Lovelock, Robyn Cox, Jewell Niccols, Peter Smith, Colin Lee, Ashley Temple, Richard Simic, Andrea Amey, Ian Stanton, Martin Cajzer, Simon Wilder, Johnnie Diss, Gavin Martin, Bob Portune, Niccola Thomson, Steve Hutson (just to name a few).  Thanks for all the help along the way, teaching the tools of the trade, thanks for silent encouragement, thanks for being KA – Kick Apple.

Featured brands include: Landrover, Ford, Hyundai, Disney, Coca Cola, Jack Daniels, Malts, Grants Whiskey, Tiger Beer, HSBC, Chase Manhattan, Legal and General, Help a London Child, Peace on the streets, New York University, Global Education Network, COI, Transport for London, Maybelline, Nivea, Brylcreem, BBC, Global Radio, GCap Media, XFM, Classic FM, Choice FM, Capital FM, The One Network, Gold, The Jazz, Planet Rock, Microsoft Office, Vodafone, Lloyds Pharmacy, Celesio, UPS, Empire, La Redoute, Douwe Egberts, Total Jobs, XBox, Skype, Microsoft, Intel, We Love Local, Nokia, Samsung, Orange (EE),